Marshall Brewing Company was founded by German trained brewer Eric Marshall in 2008. Their original packaging was falling flat on the shelves and with the recent liquor law changes in Oklahoma it was becoming more important to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Their new extendable packaging system is more colorful and easily adaptable to a variety of beers. The original hand drawn illustrations by local Tulsa artists were enhanced with custom typography and bold colors.

Custom bottle cap designs
Atlas IPA, Sundown Wheat and McNellies Pub Ale are Marshall's original flagship beers. The new packaging uses bold, bright colors and custom typography.
Volks Pils (“The People’s Pils) was inspired by Brewmaster Eric Marshall’s time as an apprentice brewer in Germany. The German word 'volks' translates roughly to the common people in English.
Dunkel is both the style and the name of this beer. The scissor tail flycatcher illustration pays homage to the state bird of Oklahoma.
In 2019 Marshall Brewing Co. introduced their first beers in cans. Each of these pays homage to Oklahoma history.

Fresh new website

The new website is backed by a powerful CMS allowing the staff at Marshall Brewing to easily add new beers, update blog articles, tour information and Tap Room hours.


Barrel Aged Beers

Limited release, small batch beers aged in a variety of oak barrels.  These 22oz label designs were hand drawn with custom typography. They draw inspiration from Eric Marshall's Scottish heritage, Oklahoma history and Woody Guthrie.

The Lone Piper pays tribute to Eric Marshall's Scottish heritage. In this custom illustration, Eric's father plays the pipes while overlooking their families castle, Dunnotar Castle.
Pastures of Plenty takes inspiration from the Oklahoma legend Woody Guthrie and his song 'Pastures of Plenty'. The song is about migrant workers from Oklahoma traveling out west to find work during the Dust Bowl. There's a part in the song where Woody writes "...then it's north up to Oregon to gather your hops". This Belgian Ale aged in white wine barrels is seriously delicious.
For Marshall's 10th anniversary they aged an Old Ale in 4 different barrels. Each bottle was hand dipped in gold wax.

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